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Blue Planet Aquari-Cycline Tablets 25pk

Blue Planet Aquari-Cycline Tablets 25pk   Using a broad spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of fresh and saltwater fish diseases caused by tetracycline bacteria comes highly recommended and these BluePlanet Aquari Cycline Tablets are a great choice. Each tablet contains 375mg of tetracycline hydrochlorine. ..

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Blue Planet Snail Rid 125ml

Blue Planet Snail Rid 125ml   BLUE PLANET SNAIL RID is formulated to control snail populations in freshwater aquariums. Many species of freshwater snail are commonly introduced into aquariums with plant life and can rapidly build up in numbers. Rinsing all new plants in running water before adding to the aquarium is recommended to prevent re-infestation. HOW TO USE: DO NOT use in aquariums with soft water (less than 50ppm total hardness as measured by calcium carbonate). ..

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