Reptile Thermostats


Here at Direct Pet Supplies Perth we have all your reptile thermostat needs to keep your scaly friends temperature just right.

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Reptile One Ezistat Thermostat

The Reptile One Ezistat Thermostat unit allows you to accurately control the temperature inside your terrarium. Accurately heating your Reptiles terrarium is an important element to ensure your Reptile has a long and happy life. The Ezistat is easy to use and suitable for controlling up to a maximum of 400 watts to various heat sources including heat lamps and heat mats. Overheating and under heating your Reptiles Terrarium can cause problems.With the Reptile One Ezistat Thermostat, it will self..

$81.95 Ex Tax: $74.50

URS Microclimate B1 Thermostat

URS Microclimate B1 Thermostat   B1 Thermostat controls up to 600 watts of heating devises. Dimming the power source rather than switching on and off. Fully wired with a probe for easy installation. No Electrician Needed. These Microclimate thermostats regulate power output and dim the power source rather than turning it on and off. This method of temperature regulation allows you to use these thermostats with incandescent globes as the dimming prolongs the life of these gl..

$159.95 Ex Tax: $145.41

URS Microclimate Ministat 300

URS Microclimate Ministat 300   Ministat 300 is an on/off Thermostat controlling up to 300 watts of heating devises. Fully wired with a probe for easy installation. No Electrician Needed. This range of thermostats are ON/OFF thermostats for controlling up to 300 watts of ANY heat source. They are fully wired with a probe attached. All microclimate range of thermostats are high quality and made in the UK. Unit Size : 75 * 52 * 27 mm   ..

$119.95 Ex Tax: $109.05

URS Thermostat Plus

URS Thermostat Plus   Thermostat Plus is an on/off thermostat with a stainless steel probe. Ideal for Brooding Birds. Temp range between 0-40°C. Fully wired, No electrician needed. The Thermostat Plus is designed to control heating appliances in dry environments and comes ready to use (no electrician required). Temperature is measured by the probe which signals the thermostat to simply turn on and off as required to maintain desired temperature. The stainless steel probe..

$84.95 Ex Tax: $77.23